Case Study: How a large garment exporter working with European clients embarked on sustainability journey?

A global garment exporter:

 The client is an apparel manufacturing company based in the Delhi NCR region. They operate three facilities, each of which handles critical aspects of the production process, including cutting and stitching. These facilities are integral to the company’s ability to produce high-quality apparel. In addition to serving domestic markets, the client also exports their products to various countries across Europe, establishing a significant international presence.

Rationale for sustainability

1. Customer compliance: ESG based compliance from buyers.

2. Business opportunity: Enhanced brand image, operational efficiency, investor attraction

3. Cost optimization: Energy-efficient processes, waste reduction, and resource conservation contribute to cost savings in the long run.

The Challenges

1. Disparate system, data collection from multiple facilities, different process, data accuracy issue.

2. Maintenance and inventorization of bulk supporting documentations such as bills and vendor invoices. 

3. Small team, management issue and unable to conduct GHG emissions analysis and reduction plans.

4. Decarbonization strategy and target setting understanding and strategy plan missing.

5. Multiple formats of requirements, ESG reporting, global compliances.

  Business solution

We analyzed the problems and came up with these solutions:

1. Initial scoping and identifying relevant sources.

2. Sub-metering and Installation of IoT devices in every facility and every level- Acquiring real time floor level data.

3. Internal verification of data.

4. Decarbonization strategy, renewable energy installation, real time GHG emissions tracking

The impact & benefits

1. IoT based automate and primary data capture – Enhanced Data Accuracy and Reliability.

2. Time and Cost Savings- improved accurate, real time primary data capture.

3. Detailed Emissions Analysis with real time and accurate data

4. Effective Decarbonization Strategy, baseline, goal setting, tracking and monitoring.

5. Annual ESG GRI Reporting incorporating material stakeholder inputs.

6. Positive ROI and Business Growth


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