A Global Auto Parts Supplier Case Study

A Sustainability Inspired Start towards Enterprisal Success.

About the Company

A large automotive parts manufacturer with multiple factories, established as a key supplier to one of the world’s top-3 European automotive manufacturers.

Culture Sustainability

The Challenge

The company’s main buyers are European vehicle manufacturers, facing stringent new sustainability mandates from EU environment regulators. The mandates require EU manufacturers to develop sustainable supply chains and disclose carbon footprints for its factories and suppliers. These include environmental, social and governance parameters suggested by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) as well as DEFRA (UK’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs). The reporting requirements have changed from simple Excel-based reporting to goal-based tracking of these parameters, with verifiable, auditable data, documentation, and certification.

Onlygood’s Intervention & Solutions

Onlygood’s platform onboarded all carbon related data from said company, for all of its disparate factories for the past year. The legacy data created a baseline for the previous year’s carbon footprint and enabled the company to set realistic carbon reduction goals for the upcoming quarters & years.

We continue to compute the carbon footprint of each factory, and for the overall enterprise with new data input through the platform’s automated wizard. The platform analyzes and provides shareable reports on the ESG parameters required by the buyer.

Compliance Sustainabilty
Culture Sustainability

So, What Changed?

The platform has created a whole new data competency within the organization that realizes how they have to be carbon efficient even as they grow profitability. The company has averted a huge business relationship risk from their global & EU buyers by their data-based reporting that is trustworthy.

The Journey Ahead: The company is all set to get globally accredited Carbon certification ISO14064 at the end of year 1 and is ready to create a unique ‘green network’ of its suppliers & supply chain partners. It plans to embark on a journey of carbon neutrality and build a newer, green business.

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