The world is increasingly becoming aware and conscious of the ever-increasing global warming and evident climate change. While individuals are stepping up in the game of sustainable living, corporations and major global companies are also acquiring ESG (Environmental, social & governance) goals and are becoming increasingly aware & apt with regards to minimising their carbon footprint. 

“In the latest McKinsey Global Survey, 83% of C-suite executives and investment professionals believe that ESG programs will generate more shareholder value in five years’ time than they do today.” [Source: McKinsey Report]

Accenture’s research on responsible leadership, companies with high ratings for ESG performance enjoyed average operating margins 3.7 times higher than those of lower ESG performers.” [Source: Accenture]

Sustainability approach in businesses is the new on-demand life coach.
Sustainability approach in businesses is the new on-demand life coach.

It is in benefit for both businesses and the environment we live in to have a ‘reduction in carbon footprint’ & ‘induction of sustainability’ approach. For the sake of global investors, low utility bills, better climate action, increased social currency, solid spectre for governance to-dos and responsible corporate behaviour, businesses must totally invest in ESG mechanisms. This incorporation fosters and strengthens any company’s futuristic prospects.

A responsible corporation today holds a three-eye view: Sustainability, Transparency & Quality.

Let us now dig deeper in this corporate value-system by looking at some global leading sustainability-based successful examples,

  1. Nike
Nike Move To Zero Program

Nike has initiated multifaceted action oriented sustainability program building upon the already catching up climate action program trends. Its new sustainability oriented program called ‘Move to Zero’ builds upon existing efforts like Nike’s aim to power its stores, warehouses and production spaces to power with 100% renewable energy by 2025 and entail its operations with net-zero carbon emissions. 

At Nike, we believe that climate change is the defining environmental issue of our generation because the reality is if there’s no plan, there’s no sport,” Noel Kinder (Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer)  said at an event in New York announcing the program. [Source: Business Insider]

  1. Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric Energize Program

Schneider Electric is a world-renowned corporation that is rated in the top-most sustainable corporations list by Corporate Knights Global 100. It has been a major player in initiating a green culture both at the work-space and is known for creating effective energy solutSchneider Electric biodiversity pledge. 

“We commit to no net biodiversity loss in our operations by 2030 to preserve natural ecosystems and resources.”

Schneider Electric launched its Energize Program in 2021, so as to build upon its sustainable agenda by increasing facilitation & accessibility of renewable energy resources in the supply chains for 10 global pharmaceutical companies. 

  1. JetBlue
Jetblue Efficient Carbon-Footprint Tackling Mechanisms

JetBlue is known worldwide for its climate conscious initiatives when it became the first and only US airline that has by itself in all its recognition to offset all the CO2 emissions in their domestic flights. In the airline industry, JetBlue is known for its efficient carbon-footprint tackling mechanisms through offsetting its emissions. This helps them invest their carbon offsets in various climate-action oriented projects like forestry, solar, wind projects etc. 

“Our efforts marked the first known time a commercial carrier has flown ‘carbon-neutral’ flights for a month.”  [Source: JetBlue]

Now that is in step towards a sustainable immense achievement, ain’t it?

  1. Walmart

Walmart, one of the leading super-retailers in the world has initiated green-incentive mechanisms by enabling collaborations across their operations & supply chains to reduce waste, recycle, reuse adaptations, resource productivity and optimise material usage. By 2040, Walmart aims for a zero emission set up for its transport solutions & is working towards having low impact refrigerants across its stores. 

Our vision at Walmart is to help transform food and product supply chains to be regenerative, working in harmony with nature – to protect, restore and sustainably use our natural resources.

– Kathleen McLaughlin, Executive VP & Chief Sustainability Officer for Walmart Inc. [Source:]

  1. Ikea

Ikea is the world’s leading supplier of modern home furnishing solutions and it is making a considerable contribution in achieving its sustainability approach. 

“For us, it’s about balancing economic growth and positive social impact with environmental protection and renewal.”

Ikea has been known to develop selling approaches that adapt, reuse, recycle and reduce resources in its productions. They have also initiated reselling of items to instil carbon-footprint reduction amongst their customers. 

These major corporations and many others like Pepsi, Coca-cola, Nestle & Unilever have committed to the cause, pledged and initiated efficient sustainable approaches in the direction of climate action. Annual sustainability reports are available for these companies at their respective websites, so if you want more details, do visit and check. Transparency is one of the strong suits for sustainability related approaches for these corporations and they are setting excellent examples in that regard.