OTAs have turned into a crucial apparatus for room distribution, however presently they likewise need to go after endurance. The OTAs have been centered exclusively around convenience for a seriously significant time frame. In any case, now is a reasonable opportunity to try different things with the new organizations. There are such countless different choices to focus on, including the food and drink area, amusement parks, and so forth. Offering bundles for a brief time outing may likewise demonstrate valuableness in the new realities.

What is GSTC & Why is it important for OTAs?

What is GSTC - Global Sustainable Tourism Council

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council  (GSTC) lays out and oversees worldwide principles for sustainable travel and the travel industry, known as the GSTC Standards. These standards are the consequence of an overall effort to foster a typical language about sustainability in the travel industry. Since the travel industry destinations each have their own way of life, climate, customs, and regulations, the Standards are intended to be adjusted to nearby circumstances and enhanced by extra rules for the particular area and movement. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council  (GSTC) standards are a work to come to a common comprehension of the sustainable travel industry and are the base that any travel industry business ought to try to reach.

They are mainly surrounded with four goals for sustainable tourism –

  • Sustainable management
  • Social and economic
  • Cultural
  • Environmental

GSTC is very important for OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) as it provides reliable evidence of standards and guidelines for sustainable management of travel agencies on the basis of the organizations becoming sustainably certified. Working with a sustainability certificate assists with getting a fixed structure in the arranging system to make the destination more economical bit by bit and successfully. This likewise suggests the foundation and fortification of a risk management system that assists the objective with turning out to be more impervious to any sort of emergency. It likewise upholds marketing, as certification assists developing a positive picture of the destination, hotel or visit activity with companying. The great reputation as a sustainable traveler destination assists with fascinating an objective gathering with buying power in the destination.

The GSTC Vision

Future of Sustainability in OTAs

Larger part of travellers i.e, over 90% of travellers effectively search out sustainable travel choices while booking their excursions online. However, these decisions are restricted or just don’t exist, making it challenging for buyers to go with all the more environmental centric travel choices. It is what is happening out and out, one that is basic to settle. With regards to reasonable travel booking choices, most OTAs offer the capacity to balance CO2 discharges. While this is the situation, customers haven’t seized the chance to make a difference, which is a bit puzzling.

To invigorate more bookings, the OTAs are to rank the hotels with a major tidiness score higher than others. Positive  travellers’ surveys will likewise play a critical part in this. The hotel with certificates and advertising identifications may likewise be among the victors in this race. Also, in the event that OTAs follow this way, they will acquire considerably more trust than conventional travelling organizations.

In the future, travelling will become more and more popular among people as they want to explore new regions, cultures, traditions and their varied food items. So, if OTAs make consumers comfortable with sustainable benefits, they can grab this hospitality area for sure. 

The GSTC Criteria

Why choose Onlygood?

As we’ve discussed above in this article on sustainable online travelling agencies, you all need is Onlygood sustainable services for your businesses. Onlygood detect carbon footprints in your organization and work to reduce it significantly. You can incorporate sustainability and carbon accounting with Onlygood. Onlygood can be a lifesaver for OTAs by making them sustainable as we have specialization in carbon reduction and maintaining sustainability with technology & innovation.

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