Data Centers cover almost 20% of Global Carbon Emissions. Consumption of estimated 200TW hours/year. Some of the innovative Sustainability Measures have definitely surfaced in the last few years. Many Data Centers use modern tech for water-cooling, newer batteries in the market are much more long-lasting & some data centers have now also included local power utility in their power consumption model. Green Data centres in the modern world also minimize their power consumption for diffusing the heat generated by their hardware. 

Since the advent, the bane of the IT Industry has been heat generation & power that is required to diffuse it. 

Identifying such primary problems like water-cooling, heat generation minimization and utilising scientific methods to tackle the same has been under process for many years now. Adapting to innovative solutions often optimises upon cost-reductions, is directly proportional to high growth rates & automatically improves the company’s reputation as ‘sustainable’.

Increasing Dependence on Data Industry

Today, with cutting edge technology & solutions to understand, track and minimise energy consumption is one of the biggest business agendas in the IT Industry. Maximising efficiency, efficient data storage, better and improved digital connectivity by AI & Machine Learning are some directions that Sustainability Innovations in the Data Centers are aimed at. 

In an estimation by IDC, it was concurred that data load will cap at 175 ZB by 2025!

(Source: IDC)

The implications of managing, storing & processing data at such a meta level will give rise to a hefty technological and sustainability related challenges. Demand for more space & efficient power connectivity will be on a rising demand- which will lead towards more ‘contracted server models’, implying that server racks can be built atop each other, meaning better containment, cooling & accessibility scenarios. 

Sustainability Accounting in Data Centers

Water Consumption has also been at the top-shelf of strategic agendas in the IT Industry. Modern closed-loop water channels are being integrated at various Data Center Facilities. This reduces the heavy burden that was laid upon at the regional water channels in the traditional business methods. These closed-loop water channels efficiently recycle the water & reuse from it. 

Sustainability often demands Higher Efficiency, which means more investments in the first phase. Many times, enterprises find themselves stuck with this dilemma & suspicions about Returns!

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In our opinion, it is important to understand Business Strategy from a ‘Futuristic & Prospective’ Point of View. Short-term strategizing often leads to a sidestep in your competitive edge. 

Include Sustainability Accounting in your Business to get a sure-shot Competitive Edge!

Including Sustainability in your business today

Sustainability for Data Centers 

For an industry that in plain sight is one of the leaders in the Carbon Emissions Factor, plus the insanity that modern day bulk-data demands- it is only prudent that enterprises shift to sustainability at a greater pace. It is not only cost-effective in the longer run, it also minimises the risk of you turning into a ‘hot centre’. 

The first step to adequate this interest is to find your current consumption which automatically will translate into an informed action-approach. 

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If you adapt to a Sustainable Business Model, it is also in your consumer, self & investor’s interest to be able to provide certifications & proofs for it. This assures your stakeholders & in fact the world, that you are compliant to Sustainability & ESG Standards. Invite Opportunities & Profit for Your Enterprise, use modern-day tech and measures to minimise your business development burdens. 

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