The fashion industry is responsible for a large segment of carbon emissions, textile waste, and water usage throughout the globe. Particularly, fast fashion has the greatest impact on the environment on social sustainability, garments created in this industry are usually poorly made with unsuitable materials. The earlier fashion industry was known for creating trends, but with time now the working standards are changed. Sustainable fashion brands are now aiming to create unique ideas to protect the environment. Unlike some questionable fashion decisions, this is a trend all consumers can get behind.

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Over the year, most of the fashion brands in the world became conscious of Sustainability. Only good has discussed a lot about sustainability in fashion brands in detail here. However, here we will talk about which fashion brands are sustainable and working hand-in-hand to uplift the environment. Additionally, we will look at how top fashion brands are now turning sustainable.

List of Top Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable Fashion Brands List


Over the years, Adidas is committed to rapidly increasing its sustainability and usage of recycled materials. They’re on a mission to only use recycled polyester from 2024 onwards to reduce the effect on the environment. Additionally, Adidas is working on reducing water consumption in the process of production, almost 20% of the energy used is renewable, and the company is also committed to fair labor practices.


Levi’s is on a mission to produce only sustainable denim wear. The brand creates products that last a lifetime, one of the most popular items the 501 Jeans was first created over 150 years ago. Levi’s plans to reduce its water usage by 80% using the Water Less technique, as well as reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

H&M Conscious

Famous for its fast fashion, H&M is moving away from its fast fashion roots with the Conscious collection, which is made of materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester. By using eco-friendly fabrics and more sustainable production methods, the company is willing to reduce its environmental footprint. Via special features at H$M, Customers can recycle unwanted garments at H&M stores and get a discount for future purchases. As a whole, H&M has an ultimate goal to utilize only sustainably sourced materials by 2030.


Not only using sustainable materials in the outwear production process but Patagonia is helping the customers to repair their old clothes despite buying new ones. Patagonia follows fair-trade practices and closely monitors its supply chain to make it safe for the environment, workers, and consumers. Its goal is to find solutions to environmental issues without causing unnecessary harm to the world. Because the products are so durable, customers are encouraged to recycle old Patagonia gear and purchase items second-hand.


A footwear brand, TOMS is widely popular for its ‘one-for-one campaign. For every pair of shoes that is purchased by a customer, another pair is sent to a child in need. TOMS is the ultimate sustainable fashion brand in the world. The company is currently working on ways to reduce its effect on the environment, they are now using 100% sustainable cotton and packaging. They are also aiming to use overall 80% recycled materials.


By the year 2022, Zara is aiming to make 50% of their products part of their Join Life range, and raw materials with less impact on nature and the environment will be used to make the upcoming products. Additionally, Zara is working on recycling and reusing all boxes, bags, hangers, and alarms. Zara also aims to use solely sustainable textiles and materials by 2025.


Afends are pushing sustainability through their garments and products, the brand hand picks the most sustainable fibers with the least amount of impact on the environment. Afends are working on producing lifetime items that do not go out of style. Since 2014 the brand has been producing packaging made from corn starch which is 100% home compostable. Sustainable fashion brands like Afends have already contributed to this segment. Afends aims to be leading the organic hemp fashion market with everyday essentials collections made from organic, recycled, eco-friendly fabric alternatives.

The sustainable fashion brands list includes much more brands, that can also be a part of this discussion. In, today’s era, people are evolving toward the environment and they often try to minimize waste production. 

However, There was some famous brand who were doing some quality work to uplift the current condition of the environment. Acting on a specific target, they’re working to enhance their quality as well. Using various different strategies to tackle environmental sustainability, different brands are trying to improve the quality of the environment.

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