As we know that our climate is changing negatively day by day due to the huge consumption of our natural resources by several industries. But to tackle these negative impacts and sustain our nature for future generations, many government and private organizations have taken up several actions like the UN announced 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve worldwide sustainability targets by 2030.

The hospitality industry is one of the large industries worldwide that interacted with many customers. But now sustainability(a matter of concern earlier), is taken as an opportunity to attract more and more customers to their side and to contribute to the conservation of natural resources. Many big hotels have already started in the direction of sustainability and environmental conservation. Sustainability in the hospitality industry becomes essential due to the hike in tourism all across the world. Now hotels also want to increase their brand sustainability through several practices.

Sustainability Initiatives

The Environment Nexus needs to be friendly not depletive in nature

With the increased need for sustainability, new initiatives, and campaigns organized by several hotels or hospitality brands to promote sustainability by their example.

Green Growth was announced by our Finance Minister in this year’s union budget to promote sustainability as one of our Saptarishi priorities. Hospitality industries can use these initiatives to get a reputation as a brand and a responsible brand that promotes a healthy environment. In the past few years, the hospitality industry has shown its magnificent performance in terms of sustainability as large hotels reuse 67% of waste, medium hotels reuse 17% of waste and small hotels reuse 13% of waste which creates a huge difference at the end of the day.

IHCL (India’s oldest hotel) working towards a sustainable environment in several ways including waste management, reducing carbon emissions and eliminating plastic usage. The ” RESET ” initiative was also launched by Indian hotels to tackle environmental issues by taking a five points approach in their business run.

Future Prospects

Excercise Rewilding in Hospitality Business

There are various benefits to involving sustainability in the hospitality business. As well as getting more clients and suitably tending to what many see as an ethical obligation considering the ongoing environmental fiasco, sustainable drives give impetus to hospitality firms. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a more grounded feeling in the local area has been developed in the hospitality sector. For the past yehoteltel conversions have been a significant driver of development across the globe, with lodging bunches sending off new brands to broaden and expand their contribution.

In future, we may get only those hotels based on green growth and eliminate toxic products like plastic products to get their customers. 55% of global travelers want hotels to be sustainable to accommodate hospitality growth in an environmentally friendly manner.

71% of millennials are into travelling and this number keeps on increasing day by day. It is also observed that peak demand is yet to come in the future of the hospitality industry and it will flourish in the future very positively.

Why is Carbon Accounting with OG?

Advertize Minimalism to your consumers

Now after discussing so much relevant information about sustainability and the hospitality industry, we realize that hotels need to reduce their carbon emissions. Carbon accounting is a way to evaluate carbon emissions generation and detect the main cause of it. It is a very powerful tool for industries to bring sustainability in their industry by reducing their carbon footprint.

Onlygood is what you need, for all your sustainability goals. This data is fundamental for hotels to uncover their environmental influence, impart their more extensive ecological, social and corporate governance system, and work with informed decision-production as the world competes to net zero. You can incorporate sustainability and carbon accounting with Onlygood. Onlygood can be a lifesaver for many businesses by making them sustainable as we have specialization in carbon reduction and maintaining sustainability with technology & innovation.