Why is sustainability the new supreme? We have often heard about the talk of sustainability in the current scenario, it is kind of a new buzzword in schools, colleges, corporates, and other sectors of work & education. Let us start with the basics,

So what is sustainability?

The ability to live your life with gratefulness & respect for resources that are allocated for each of us & future generations to come. To aid responsible maintenance and support for allocating our natural resources for the next generations is often termed as sustainable living.

The Three Pillars of Sustainability
Sustainability is made up of three pillars- the economy (profit), society (people) & environment (planet)

The advent of technology and the inception of industrialization led to rapid usage of our natural resources. These resources, especially the usage of fossil fuels, initially lead to immensely high rates of carbon emissions; followed by cattle breeding, food production & transport industry, in addition to that the fashion industry also has a huge carbon footprint- likewise many and almost all industries & production companies have some rate of carbon emissions.

Illustration Inspiration: epa.gov

Today, climate change & carbon footprint are mainstream issues that render urgency from all across the globe. Increasing global warming, pollution sprawl across the countries, depletion of natural resources, etc. are matters that are now governed by some serious laws. If you are a business owner or a stalwart in the industry, now is the time to become carbon conscious & inherit an effective carbon management system. 

Sustainable business is the new drift, when are you making your shift?

Before we understand the nuances of how you & your company can ensure effective decarbonization & carbon footprint reduction, let us give you a broader idea of why & how this ideation of sustainable business mapping leads to your company’s exotic benefits.

Why must you invest in carbon checks?

This is a fair query from a company that exists in a third-world country like ours. In India, there are no mandatory climate or carbon-related legislations yet. One form of Fuel Excise Tax which is an implicit form of carbon pricing is the only governing check in this regard. Therefore, if a company seeks to collaborate or trade with another company in the US or UK, it becomes a cause of concern as from 2019, carbon reporting has been set to mandatory in the UK & the EPA regulated greenhouse emissions under their Section 111 of the Clean Air Act.

Increase in fuel allocation in Production processes ∝ Increase in carbon emissions
Increase in fuel allocation in Production processes ∝ Increase in carbon emissions

In addition to the abovementioned conundrum, there are multiple benefits of investing in decarbonising systems and initiating carbon checks in your business operations. 

Effective carbon management systems provide multifold benefits:

Cost-effective in Business Operations

Carbon checks and management saves you money! 

How, you ask? Reducing your energy usage and adapting to renewable resources helps you cut your utility bill, it also considerably reduces your carbon footprint. 

For example, Kimberly-Clark invested $350,000 in LED lighting and retrofitting to replace less efficient fluorescent bulbs in one of its fabric mills, saving $160,000 per year. With the help of a $93,000 utility rebate, the project paid for itself in less than two years. (Source: ul.org)

So you see how imperative it is to think carbonless driven by futuristic & smart thought processes at the same time?

Less Carbon= More savings= Bigger Investments= Better Collaboration
Less Carbon= More savings= Bigger Investments= Better Collaboration

Customer Satisfaction

Reducing carbon consumption & triggering sustainability holds the new industry gravity!

Yes, if you aren’t big on carbon checks there are chances your consumers are dissatisfied. Plus the fact that if you invest in effective carbon monitoring systems, you can steer your organisation’s pride by showing that you value the environment and you at utmost are doing everything to keep your carbon footprint at check. Believe us, the new age woke consumers dig that!

According to Nielsen, 81% of consumers worldwide feel strongly that companies should help protect the environment. This means managing your carbon footprint is crucial to earning the trust of your target audience, whether they’re patients, patrons, or partners. (Source: ul.org)

Investors’ Credit

Climate change is shifting rapidly and the entire world is witnessing intense global warming evidence. It is only essential that government & global policy makers advise urgently for carbon checks. Investors all across the globe now identify carbon monitoring & carbon footprint check as imperative in their business segments. 

World’s largest Investment firm- BlackRock announced recently that sustainability is now in its core investment strategy. This translates into a trend that they will be avoiding any sort of transaction or collaboration with companies that have a poor carbon record suggesting unchecked carbon emissions. 

In addition to these core evidential benefits, carbon monitoring, effective carbon checks & adopting new age decarbonisation techniques there are other benefits with devising a minimal carbon consumption strategy.

Three steps towards a sustainable business: Carbon Monitoring, Carbon Goal Tracking, and Decarbonisation systems.

Innovation & carbon consciousness is the new revolution!

Follow this space for tips on carbon monitoring, tracking, carbon offsetting, decarbonisation practices. If you are a company looking for help and support in decarbonising your systems, entail a carbon check in your operations and understand how much carbon footprint you create for your organisation, reach out to us!