As each living being on this planet relies upon nature for food, ecological security has become more significant than at any other time in recent times. It isn’t just about food, garments, or safe houses any longer – it is much past that. We are draining regular assets quicker than nature can recharge them. We people are causing extreme harm to the climate, a considerable lot of which is irreversible.

Today, countries are highly concerned with the drastic impacts on the environment globally. Melting ice from glaciers & mountains, the major presence of greenhouse gasses, drought, highly intense environment, and unclean water is the several impacts that show a clear picture of our environment. So, many countries started taking action to reduce these negative impacts by specifically working on sustainability and several individuals are also making contributions in these areas actively. In order to encourage more people to contribute to these environmental initiatives, environment-concerned organizations give rewards and recognition to active participants.

To Champion Climate Change Acquire Responsibility Accountability and Ownership

It is the responsibility of the current generation to protect the environment so that our future generations get a better planet to live on.

Here we are pointing out a few Global Climate Champions of 2022 who we can pursue as a learning source.

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough has devoted his whole life to showing the ultimate bond between humans and nature and broadcasting it to the world. His broadcast is one of the reasons why millions of individuals fell in love with nature and started caring for it by participating in different initiatives. For his indispensable contributions to sustainability & protection of nature, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) honored him with the “Champions of the Earth Lifetime Achievement Award” on 21st April 2022. Attenborough’s profession as a broadcaster, regular history specialist, author, and environmental advocate time period over seventy years. He is generally popular for his work with the BBC’s Natural History Unit, including narratives like Life on Earth, the Living Planet, Our Planet, and Our Blue Planet. Moreover, his support to protect and reestablish biodiversity, progress to an environmentally friendly power, moderate environmental change, and advance plant-rich eating regimens add to the acknowledgment of large numbers of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The whole of life is coming to terms with yourself and the natural world.

The Sea Women of Melanesia

The Sea Women of Melanesia (Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands), is a group of divers who train women in monitoring the health of coral reefs and creating or restoring marine protected areas for the prevention of marine life. 

The Sea Women of Melanesia was also named Champions of the Earth i.e, UN’s highest honored Environmental Award, in the Inspiration and Action category for using technology and marine science in assessing the world’s most endangered coral reefs. The Sea Women work in what’s known as the Coral Triangle, which covers a few 5.7 million square kilometers between the Great Barrier Reef and the island archipelagos of Melanesia and South East Asia. Overflowing with marine life, it is one of the world’s chief objections to submerging the travel industry and home to a significant fisheries industry. It is additionally especially undermined by flooding human populaces and waste levels.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados

Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados acts as a driving force for climate action across Latin American and Caribbean regions. She is the first one to agree on the Action Plan for the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. She was also honored as Climate Champions of the Earth in the Policy Leadership Category for her consistent voice raising for a sustainable growth world from the South, raising caution about the weakness of Small Island Developing States because of the environmental crisis. Under her initiative, Barbados has embraced aggressive sustainable power targets, focusing on a petroleum product-free power area and transport by 2030. Simultaneously, Barbados is carrying out various preservation and reclamation projects, from forests, through urban communities, to the shoreline and the sea.

Coral Reefs are Dying.

Climate change, Declining water quality, Overfishing, Pollution, and Unsustainable coastal development.

Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka (Uganda)

Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka (Uganda) makes his contribution to the field of wildlife and works actively in its conservation on a mass level. She was also honored as ” Champions of the Earth ” in the Science and Innovation category, was the very first natural life veterinarian of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, and is a perceived world expert on primates and zoonotic illnesses. She drives the execution of three incorporated key projects utilizing the ‘One Health approach.

Krishna Winston

Krishna Winston is one of the personalities who has denoted her every second for environment conservation and prevention. Krishna Winston has been honored by Rockfall Foundation with TomODell Distinguished Service Award for long-term accomplishments in environment conservation. Winston’s enthusiasm for the climate started well before she showed up in Middletown a long time back. It began as an outgrowth of her childhood in southern Vermont. Winston’s proper support of the City started in 1989 when she was named to the team that planned Middletown’s recycling program. While required recycling started in Connecticut two years after the fact, she turned into the seat of Middletown’s Asset Recycling Advisory Commission, a position she actually holds. Presently, she is an individual from the City’s Clean Energy Task Force (CETF).


By enhancing the significant work being finished on the ecological forefronts, the Champions of the Earth awards mean to inspire and motivate more individuals to take to address the triple planetary emergency – environmental change, nature and biodiversity loss, contamination, synthetic compounds, and waste.

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